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Upward Fall
I've seen the end of everything
I'm looking into your eyes
Though i don't know if your eyes were alive, or just my prize..
If god were so easily dispersible
I would spread her as wide as my comfort desires
But when my comfort retires after rehearsal
She's sure to acquire alot of admirers
Tried to feel some feeling
Any feeling at all
Then i hit the ceiling
You would call it my "upward fall"
Things then got revealing
Curtains pulled, weapons drawn
All our happy-endings are better left where they belong
I keep having this dream where you're standing in the rain
Screaming at me that you're getting all wet, and I'm the one to blame
I'd bring you an umbrella
You'd turn me into a lightening rod
I'd cut off your legs
Let you ride on my back
So you couldn't say i never gave you a chance at playing god
It took the two of us
To prove that love is toxic
But who needs proof, when the noOse is so loOse?
My dreams are my reality
My waking life is a faked *time-land
Where *waste slipped through my hands
To form a sycophants no-man
I shot myself because i was dark inside
I wanted to make a hole so your light could shine in
I'm not an Einstein
I'm more like Doctor Frankenstein
Giving Relativity to the theory that the dead in me will live again in time
I made a deal with the Devil to save your soul
Little did i know, that you sold your soul long ago
To become the Devil I'd inevitably make a deal with, so...
How long will you let your grass grow?
Kill it while it's young!
That's what I'd say
But I'm the sum of bad ways
Flowing toward places too pleasant to play
Yet you say that NO thing is nothing
And forever's forever never too late


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