My Cinspinnerellakin

This is not a fairytale
It's a Puppet-show
You are not Cinderella
You are Cinspinnerellakin..
The PantOmine that fell for the act
An ACTUAL miracle that's Hell-sent
An amputee that doesn't want her legs back
A gate that can't hold back her sluice
A heart that took its leave after threatening to attack
An act of actual facts displayed to distract the exact cause for the bend in your truth

A new noose big enough for 2,
Though i don't see you choking as my face is turning blue
You're curved to the end, yet sharp all around
You infect me with out even making a sound
You want the bunny to take his hammer and murder every bird in town
Because their prOpaganda babble makes your "Hare" come unwound

BloOdy Mary, Quite the Viral Visionary
hOw dOes yOur garden grOw?
Dirty seedS bring dirty weedS that dO dirty deeds with a murdering hOe
I am nOt thOse and i am nOt them
I'd smash yOur knees if they were still around

I am nOt here, i am nOt there, and i dOn't play fair, sO what?
I am nOt here, i am nOt there, and i dO nOt care, sO what?

I'm heading toward your reality, nothing can stop me now
Not 1, or the one they call 2, and if there is a 3 I'll kill him as well
I am the number that'll be wearing yOur skin
I'll slice off my legs sO you'll be taller when yOu stand
I'll die fOr your lOve after YOUR thrOat is cut
I'll rip out my heart and feed it tO you whOle
Just tO make sure it's frOm my love that yOu do chOke

Keep it in mind
I'm nOt all here
ThOugh yOu may find things will cOme much easier
If yOu crOss thOse lines that lead yOu tO me
I will save yOu frOm a life Of mediOcritybelleandbeast

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Dream Strings:

You've become my digital queen
A projection on my cranial screen
I've been walking the tips of all of your dreams
A thin path made of the same glass that separates the "you" from "me"
You suck out my vision while you "hang-high" from your "dream-strings"
An artic(k)ulate theme to the original scene and still able to make my eyes bleed it would seem
but to stop myself from hemorrhaging, I'm going to have to turn off your screen
Even if it means that I'll no longer be able to enjoy your screams
I'm sure the memory of them alone will satisfy my peculiar needs
You're a "pop-tartist"
a quick snack before the real harvest
So I'm willing to walk on mirrors for now, as long as i don't have to look down
As long as i can break a few, pick up my feet, pull out the pieces, and eat the ground
Then I'll have all that i need, while the rest of me adjusts to being cast down from the clouds
A familiar paradigm i could do without, though doing without would mean you'd have to deal with me being some-else

We've been conditioned to not complete our thought process
To NOT defy all obstacles that block our way to happiness
To glorify "The Idiot", thus making him notorious
To not recognize the antidote, when she's pouring her heart out before us
To staple our eyes shut
and deny the evolutionary facts
to base our decisions in life on a "God"
Though you'll never find the fraud ever giving back
I want to irritate the skin that needs the medical cream,
Sprinkle some salt on the wounds,
letting the dirt find it's way back inside them
Blow your eyes wide open
allowing you to see the truths in their lies
An infection left alone to consume,
all the expected palindromatic "Healing Schemes", The Healing Process that makes it all worthwhile to scream
Something in my chest is awakening,
something i never could've seen back then
I shall use it to my full advantage, or it will be the something that kills me in the end ~Odd

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over the rainbow i am crazy.
bars in the window.
there must of been a door there in the wall
when i came in..."

Odd:"Once over the rainbow, you came into my room of lost decisions, the walls shifted, the door vanished once you went through it, I made sure of that, the bars were always here, there's noplace to run now, noplace like home..."

im never gonna save the world........from you.
"I want to look into your eyes, smell your hair and skin, feel your lips, taste every part of you, grow old with you, stay young at heart together with you, hear you say I love you, lay down to die next to my life to please you, show u everyday how much I need u, put you in a box and keep you in the closet, take you out on holidays and play with you, make everyday a holiday by collecting cut up pieces of u, acquire the whole collection of u and piece u back together with my ejaculatory super glue.."

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now my brain needs rewiring, and im trying but keep getting shocked every then and now, i find little things that drive me insane and it makes me feel like giving up on the reconstruction, i go into a trance of ignorant revamps of past mis "takes", when i would fall onto a thorn after losing my footing on the "branch of misplaced emotional fakes" and do things the same old ridiculous ways, but obsessions seem to follow me, wherever i do choose to be, and when i do reach her "emerald city", i will be a horse of many different colors, instead of a whore for the heart of my lover, i'll be a bOre in the mind in which i'll smother, never needing to take a breathe of my own again, we happily decide to live the rest of our lives dead...

(no subject)
I'm not trying to rewind
I'm not trying to fast forward through time
I'm simply trying to enjoy mine
as it is
and do something beneficial for those i choose to enjoy it with
I don't need to be reminded of past disasters
They're not worth the time to hold a place in my present or future endeavors
There's nOe travesties left in my life
There's only My tragically beautiful wife
Slowly she's pulling the knives out of my spine
As she puts me back together inside of my mind
The knives always held me together
but now without them i seem to be standing better than ever
So my Oddesss and I pick up the knives
to head out on a hunt for those who stabbed me while i was blind
and when we're dOne with them we'll give them all new names
Like "John Doe", "Baby Doe", "Play Doe", and "Jane"...
No-one will care when we're burning their remains
No-one will ever think of them again
And as the sun sets and the day comes to an end
Together we walk out into the moonlight
Bloody hand in bloody hand...

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More Beautiful Art From My Infectious Bride.

oddess art

(no subject)
All By My Amazing Oddess, my damsel in depreSSion, my only hope in the last triangle, the only ray of light that could penetrate the darkness in my wishing well, the twister that was born to meet my sea, our beautiful balance of chaos takes us to the island, where we will dance our dance of destruction, painting the way with the blood trail left by our feet, from the wounds we had to take by walking on the crystal sand of the nOe, to get us here, in our paradise, where we can die in each others arms, happy, and alone..

By My Oddess

Up the Wishing Well

There's a war coming from within, prepare for me..

I keep confusing more for less

and more often create stress

from wounds that were made long before this "me" ever came to exist

The 7 day fall down the wishing well

The 12 year sentence in that prison cell

Day after day i'd stay in the dark part

To avoid being hit by peoples coins that they toss in for every selfish wish they make

Like a simple coin is going to be enough to get their wish from "Heavens High"

I was all out of coins when i made mine

So instead i just tossed myself inside

Then i waited...occasionally throwing stones up at the people who still passed by

To let the world see that i'm somewhat still alive

Though as the years went by

That huge truth became a small lie

Everything became pointless

So i noe-longer bothered to open my eyes

Then you came, shining your light down into my darkness

Like your tornado meeting my sea, and creating the biggest hurricane this world has ever seen

through anything we will survive

Even if it means destroying every other living beings life..

~Our Beautiful Balance of Chaos~

"My green sea glows bright under your purple daydream sky

Your black clouds parade on my rainy day paradise

Signifying a perfect storm about to hit my waves

In our world of nOe a Wonderful Balance of chaos will soOn show it's Horribly Beautiful face

As it begins it's ultimate Dance of Destruction

Slay-bells commence their ringing raging screams

In an operatic display reminiscent of a heartless angel receiving it's wings

In the frozen crystal sea a being is born

You can't see his heart, it's too far away

Maybe it he's lucky it'll catch up to him someday

He washes toward a broken land, that's one face of a four faced Tetrahedron

It broke apart when this world began

And from the shards came the red-white sand

Bloody and grinded from the dead-pale skin

Of The nOe gOdd himself, from way back when, he broke through the sky

And never returned again

But in that static sky another being begins to arise

Guided by the wind, she's sung into existence

Out of a funnel she's brought down to land

There's no place like home she thinks

As she feels the road of sand envelope her snow-white feet once again

Blood from her wounds trickles down her legs
and without any delay mixes with the blood of the lands "sand-skin"
and as if a time-lapse had never taken place,
she begins to have visiOns of a past that had been erased

She remembers this place from all of her lost dreams

Now it shows it's face again

Like all of this is meant to be

A perfect world of her own

She dives right in as new wounds are made, and old ones are paid to reopen their doOrs again

Tears are born on the face of this angelic masterpiece

Tears of joy from being alive and able to stand on her own two feet

She leaves a trail just in case she needs to find her way back to the sea

Little did she know that from the sea another being floats his way toward his majesty"


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